CEO words & Intention:

NatuREAL Essentials

CEO words & Intention:

This is NOT your ordinary product line! 

Hi, Melissa Here! I've always been creative; curious about ways that I express myself, emotions and imagination in my head. I create for my own self-care but also spend a lot of time sharing knowledge to others in reference to their self care and body & spirit adornment. I have also always been eager to get further involved with my creativity and put in work about all kind of products that I have used as well as benefits to more natural ingredients in my efforts to find new ways to heal myself. I always spend time learning and doing research. I enjoy exploring new and innovative ways for self care from a collective / communal oriented business that truly cares about the community being served. People have always come to me for feedback, tips, advice, and so I vowed to keep REAL-ish involved in my brand.
[Hence Natu-REAL in the name of my brand!!]

Natureal Essentials meets self care in a fun way. Our CEO is a therapist and aims to promote self-care in all we do. Just like Beauty, Self-care is subjective and defined by YOU and your needs only. It is a fact that Self-Care is more about just buying products for your self. Natureal Essentials aims to cater and contribute to your self-care activities and regimen with the addition of our products to your lifestyle and daily routine. Thank you for allowing us to share that experience with you. The love and intention is in EACH product.  

Natureal Essentials provides clean options for our Skin, Hair, Beauty and Soul Nourishment. It is important to know your ingredients - period! If you prefer products with alternative, safe options for the things you need for your body and beauty needs, then this is the line for you. 

This platform was not only created by myself; a Black Woman, but also a black woman with the betterment of my own community in mind through my work, creativity, statements and actions. We promote love, nurturing and healing for the collective no matter who you are. Please always keep love, integrity and intention at the forefront of all you do. Please prioritize doing things for you and your self care.

Treat ya Self! Don't Cheat Ya Self!