Important FAQs and Things to Know

NatuREAL Essentials

Important FAQs and Things to Know

Hey you! Thanks for stopping by to support Self-Care shop: Natureal Essentials! Before use, here are a few disclaimers and important things to know:

The FDA has not evaluated the products listed on this website. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information above is a result of my research, experiences, opinion and results/testimony. Please use in addition to your health/ self-care/ diet regimens for optimal health and results.

Do you test and use your own products ?
I use every product myself on myself and my own family. All products are intentionally handcrafted with researched formulations and made out of LOVE.

ALL products have are used/tested by the maker, friends, family, and customers and are made with love and are in mind. Handmade products have all ingredients listed underneath product description for your knowledge before you decide to use any product. Stay informed. 

Sensitive skin? 
Natureal Essentials recommends all customers to do a sample patch test before use in case of any possibly allergies or reactions. Everyone has different skin, and skin can behave differently when introduced to new products. Please be mindful of your use of purchases, their ingredients listed for your benefit and knowledge especially if you have any allergies or skin sensitivity. Try out lip products, body products on your arm or chest first with a small amount and provide yourself with a day or two to observe your skin. Some of the products have medicated herbs/ oils/ scents so please keep this in mind. Also, use products on clean skin for best results. Natureal Essentials is NOT responsible for any skin reactions to the products customers choose to use. 

Where can I send questions/ comments ?
- Please send a detailed email with any inquiries, questions or comments not specified on the website to: [email protected] 

Refunds/ Exchanges :
- No refunds or exchanges are given unless product arrives defected upon receiving. Natureal Essentials only refunds/ exchanges funds for items that were defected or incorrectly missing from your order placed, and you must report it to us within the 48 hours of your specific order being delivered to your address. If this is an issue, please dont hesitate to send an image and detailed description of issue as soon as you can via email. Also, understand that all the products are natural and made in different batches for freshness.

When will my order be shipped?
SHIPPING: Orders can take up to 5-7 days to be processed before officially shipped out (excluding holidays). Please do not inquire on an order before processing time for that order is complete. During sales, orders are processed and shipped after sale ends especially during times where sale is held across multiple days. Due to COVID-19, there most likely will be a few more days of delays. COVID-19 pandemic, purchases can take up to 2 weeks before delivery due to new restrictions in supply and shipping. All products are also produced in batches. Please be patient beautiful people and please understand this is a small "one woman show" business; working as fast as possible to get you your goodies. 

Tracking Orders:
- Once product is shipped, Natureal Essentials is no longer responsible for it, as it has been passed on to the mail carrier USPS for shipping and delivery. (At times, we may use UPS and you will also recieve a tracking number to link you directly to the carrier responsible.) You will recieve an email confirmation with shipping / tracking info once order is processed and shipped out. Please expect your packages to arrive within 3 days or less after your emailed shipping notification if there are no COVID delays/ USPS shipping delays.

Your personal information will never be shared with anyone or any unnecessary 3rd parties and is only needed for order and shipping purposes. 

This disclaimer acts as the explicit waiver for any liability of myself as a shop owner, and as a wellness advocate for the Natureal Essentials brand I am affiliated with.