$12.00 - $18.00

Rose Gold Aura Collection

Roses represent love, self love, courage in different capacities! Roses also have great skin enhancing benefits. So ofcourse we had to drop a Rose Infused Collection of products to the catalog!

-Rose Gold Aura Soap (infused with Hempseed, red roses and buds)
-Rose Gold Aura Bath & Body Oil (infused with rosehip seed, Neroli and Red Rose flowers)
-Rose Gold Aura Body Butta (includes Rosehip oil, Frankincense, Soft Rose Scented)

Shop individual products or the whole bundle which will include an extra goodie.

& More to come later.

Roses are great for dry skin, inflammation, redness and contain antioxidants, antiaging properties, astringent proerties, and vitamins A, C, D *& E..

Roses are also great for soothing symptoms of depressive mood and anxiety. Smells great!!