"From the Heart" Red Clay Luxe Soap

Check out our limited edition "From the Heart" Morrocan Red clay infused Goat Milk and Hemp soap! LIGHTLY SCENTED with a flirty perfume inspired scent!! (limited edition for February)

Benefits of Morrocan Red Clay
-clarifies pores & skin purifying
-encourages blood circulation
-draws out extra oil / sebum from skin
-moisturizing and hydrating

Benefits of Goat Milk
-rich in fatty acids
-gentle cleansing properties that are rich in nutrients
-good source of vit A, selenium, lactic acid (natural AHA exfoliant)
-good for improving dry skin
-encourages a healthy microbiome pattern on your skin (healthy bacteria)

Benefits of Hemp Seed
- good for all skin types!
-can be good for soothing scars & skin conditions like excema, Rosacea, Psoriasis
-anti-aging , anti-inflamatory properties
-contains Omega 6 fatty acids
-rejuvenates & nourishes skin by restoring skins barrier